• Vinyl decals

Vinyl in technical terms is nothing but Polyvinyl Chloride i.e. PVC in abbreviated form. There are quite a few types of Vinyl which is available in the market, which being, Calendar vinyl, Cast Vinyl, Carbon Fiber vinyl etc. Each of these types have a specific usage and the type of vinyl to be used varies for different application.

For Example,
Calendar vinyl is used to be applied to substrates which have typically straight to medium contours. Similarly Cast Vinyl is used in application having serious contours. Carbon fiber vinyl is mostly used as wraps for cars or to decorate interior walls linings. Each of these have varied shelf life ranging from 1 year to 10+ years.

Vinyl in general can be used in the Screen printing process or Digital printing process. After the initial need assessment done by us in understanding the customer requirement, the printing process to be adopted is decided upon. Be it Screen printing or Digital printing, inks used in the process is branded, reliable and eco-friendly in nature, thus assured of a quality finished product.

Applications: Automobiles, Industrial Equipment, Machinery, etc.
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