• Double Sided Adhesive stickers

Double sided stickers are one which has adhesive on both side of the material. Material being usually polyester or other, depending on the customer requirement. Double sided labels are available with varied adhesion strength or glue strength as required by customer.

Application: Custom, apllications which does not allow use of hands etc.
  • Removable Stickers

This is a custom made label application. Special type of adhesive is used in this case to get the desired end result. Typically once the label is applied to a substrate, it will not leave any adhesive or residue behind. Moreover, the label can be applied and removed numerous times without loss of adhesive strength and or adhesive transfer. 

Application: Custom, Car wraps, Refreshing tissue openings / packaging, contact lenses etc.
  • Protective stickers / labels

This is a Custom made label application. Can be supplied in varied colours. Primarily applied on a substrate to protect the substrate from dust etc. for a limited period of time, for eg: during transit. Protective stcikers should not be used as permanant application as the label might tend to will peel off after a certain period of time.
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